To have your music played on our show, send us a downloadable link to If you provide a bit of history we can talk about your artistry, and deliver the music with information. PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH FILES. Emails are tricky and get bounced when servers don’t communicate well. Links are simple, send us links to your content. We receive about 100 submissions per day, please be patient.


Product Submissions:


To have us talk about your products on our show, you have two options.  You can either: send us the product for review, or sign up as a sponsor.  Reviewed items will be included as real time honest reviews and do not cost anything other than the shipping and one of your products. If you are interested in a paid sponsorship, lets open a dialog about representation of your product and brand and go from there.  Email with any questions you may have about reviews, or


Show Ideas and Topic Opportunities

If you’ve listened to our show we are not afraid of Politics, Product Placements or explanation episodes. Reach out to us about your idea. Do you have an opinion about a bill that Congress just passed? A new app that our listeners should download? Give us a ring.