Please note, and at the discretion of our staff we may be able to offer special combinations of these opportunities at a reduced price on volume items.

DIRECT SPONSORSHIPS (by contacting our Ad Team directly) Recieve Priority Airtime.

Show Sponsorship:

  • General Sponsorship – Any sponsorship with or without options below will be recognized at least digitally (on this site). At our discretion we may choose to mention these sponsors during a show or across social media platforms regardless of sponsorship size.
  • Ad Rolls – 15, 30, and 60 Second Ad Rolls available
  • Product Mentions and Reviews – Not always sponsored, paid sponsors receive 3-10 Minutes of cast time depending on the product and level of sponsorship.
  • Topic Sponsorship – We can develop an episode around your topic.

Our mentions and Ad rolls always accompanied by digital options when available. If we mention something on our show, we want our listeners to be able to find it.

Digital Sponsorship:

  • Links, Coupons and Giveaways – We love getting our customers to the products they like. We can link them to a website with or without a coupon, and giving stuff away always drives attention to your brand.

Contact us when you’re ready.


Share a Sale Sponsors:

When Mason in the Attic has the available airtime, we are proud to sponsor Ads from ShareASale.

If you’re interested in Featuring your business on ShareaSale, find that information here:

See a list of our ShareASale Sponsors on our Sponsors Page.


Terms and Other information:

Availability: Any “in-show” material will be available on a permanent basis, meaning that the episodes of our show are available for permanent download by any and all public subscribers. Website sponsorship opportunities are generally available for a limited amount of time based on the opportunity. Logo sponsorship placement (Our Sponsors) updated on a yearly basis according to our most recent/current (yearly) donors.

Mason in the Attic appreciates any and all sponsorship opportunities, however on occasion and based on our sole discretion we may provide a refund when we are unable to align your request with an upcoming episode. We hope you understand, and if you have any questions, feel free to email our office.