In our very first episode we talk about Trump’s Announcement of his involvement in the Israeli – Palestine Conflict, a funny incident with my mother, and a charity to stay away from this Christmas.

ROUGH – ROUGH – Transcript 🙂

Welcome Welcome to our very first episode of Mason in the Attic,

Top Stories today include my Mother, Trumps announcement about the Embassy for Jerusalem, Charities of Worth and of course your Word of the Day.

First Topic

Cleaning business in South Tennessee, work with my Fiance and occassionaly my mother.

Yesterday the two of them sparked an escapade of their own working as I was not able to come along.

See that morning just before they left without me , my water heater busted and I was lucky enough to spend day cleaning up the flood and replacing it with a tankless.

This morning, back in the driver seat and off to work, my fiance went into a convenience store to grab monsters, (which is not a paid advertisement or endorsement by the way) and just after

his door was shut my mom jumped on my ear.

“Oh let me tell you about yesterday.” “You know I am jumpy anyway, but all day when he was driving it was stop and go, stop and go.”

And I replied, what the hell are you talking about.” And she said “His driving, his driving.”

“I noticed he was a little skiddish, so I asked him, Does driving make you nervous?” He said no, “and she replied: Well, your driving makes me nervous. ”

He and I are getting married the first quarter of next year, so I imagine getting his daily dose of my mother will become a regular thing.

I thought that story was funny enough to share.

Second Topic

(Reported by VICE)

“Headliner: Trump is set to torch the Middle East for America’s religious right”

I wanted to talk to you guys about this for a minute because

personally I don’t feel like our president has any business here, but I’ve got to give you a bit of history first.

So, In December 1917 — 100 years ago this month a British general gained control of Jerusalem from its Ottoman-Turkish defenders

Entering the city on foot out of respect for its holy status, the general made waves among the masses designating this city a holy place.

In the century since, Jerusalem has been fought over in varying ways, not only by Jews, Christians and Muslims but also by external powers and, of course, modern-day Israelis and Palestinians.

Though these conflicts go back thousands of years — to biblical times in fact, the current dispute is whats in question today.

According to Trumps official announcement the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 urged the federal government to relocate the American Embassy to Jerusalem and to recognize that city as Israel’s capital. Yet, for the past 20 Years every previous president has exercised this law’s waiver in refusal.

For whatever reason however, (as if this was important to majority America) Trump is finally returning on a campaign promise.

Claiming that previous presidents lacked the courage to take action in this millenia old dispute, he has decided to recognize Jerusalem as the capital. Already a building in place, interviews by Vice reported that the difference in said buildings becoming an embassy are only a sign on the front. This “outpost” has historically been denied designation so that Americans could have feet on the ground in Jerusalem without sparking any conflict. The reports continue including those from regime advisors explaining that “Since Trump has chosen a side, we have chosen to denounce him amongst these peace negotiations.”

Formally removing America from our Federation like foothold in the Middle East and handing it to our power rivals.

Listeners I need your feedback because I have spent the last twelve hours debating what business Americans even have in this Israeli – Palestinian dispute. It seems to me that this is simply a campaign promise that would be easy for Trump to deliver, however threatening to international relations.

When Trump’s Presidency was announced last year my fear for our country not only of course that we would be the laughing stock of the world was simply one of cultural embarrassment.

Imagine Trump visiting Russia and denying a shot of Vodka only to spark a war. That was my reference then, and I believe it to be relevant in this case.

As opposed to denying custom, he’s sticking his nose in a debate which extends a thousand years. As if he knows best, and as if History had not already voiced an indecipherable problem.

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With the holiday season just around the corner, most of us are trying to find ways to give back. And in my research I have come across a few do’s and don’ts for charitible giving. Specifically I would in this podcast like to talk about one charity in particular that you should steer clear of.

First lets dive right in and talk about them, the Salvation Army. This organization is well known for its condemnation of the LGBT community including official statements like “Gays deserve to die, thats just what we believe.” and a couple reported that they were advised they would need to break up before receiving any assistance. You see them outside local stores, volunteers dressed as Santa accepting donations via pendulum basket, but should you drop your money? The answer is no. Lets set LGBT rights and discrimination aside and talk money. Recently, statistics have been uncovered showing how much this organization does and does not actually do charitably. Studies have found that their budgets are widely discretionary, and in disaster cases a majority of their funds are attributed to relief, however in non disastrous times money is funneled into “Administrative” accounts.

This holiday season, deliver gently used jackets and canned food to local schools and food banks. Tell the guys in front of those stores that you only have plastic in your pocket.

Creating this podcast I had a fun idea to bring you folks a word of the day. Today’s Word:

Bumfuzzle – derived from the Old English dumfoozle. Bumfuzzle refers to being confused, perplexed, or flustered or to cause confusion.

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This is Mason in the Attic, I’ll see you next time.

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