Insurance and Your Options Segment

December 8, 2017

Please note: This request has been extended to multiple companies in an attempt to meet our deadlines. We appreciate your interest, and want you to know this is not a competition, simply a method allowing us to create the content on time, regardless of interviewee.

On this episode, (publication date determined when research is complete), we would like to feature an insurance officer interview explaining the basics of insurance, rates, and discounts.

We would like to essentially record a phone call interview with a member of your relations team! The purpose of this interview is to provide a resource to our listeners with relevant content.

Important Considerations:

  • Insurance Pricing information not relevant. Our listeners are worldwide and not specific to a market. We will not be asking about rates.
  • We will ask questions about the relative nature of “Full Coverage” so that our listeners can grow to understand their options.
  • We will also inquire as to why (generically) rates differ based on location. Statistical data requested.
  • Various questions about discounts and combinations.
  • Refused questions (out of respect for your time) will not be aired and will be edited entirely.

Additional Options: (Based on level of sponsorship)

  • Sponsorship for wider segments including reasons why your company is the ideal choice for our listeners
  • 1-3 Minutes of flexible airtime to discuss topics of your choice.
  • Continued Sponsorship and mentions in future episodes.

Special Requests:

We (along with the interview) request the following:

  • Permission to use your company’s logo on our website
  • The name of the staff member interviewed to also be displayed
  • And the ability to provide our listeners with a link-to source interview transcript as well as links to your company’s website.
  • If Sponsored, we will also require permission to list your company as a “Sponsor.”

If you are interested in moving forward with the interview, please email:

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